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There's nothing better than helping people succeed

For Project Displaced volunteers, one of the best aspects of what they do is seeing clients succeed. This week we spoke to Adelaide-based Debbie McMahon, who used the service after leaving her long-term job.

Debbie, what made you decide to use Project Displaced?

I resigned from my job in February. My work load had become extreme, and I felt it was no longer what I wanted.

My husband came across Project Displaced on LinkedIn and sent me the link, suggesting I have a look at it. I realised it offered really good advice and services. On Facebook there was a lovely lady from Project Displaced was explaining the journey of trying to find work, and it was very emotional. So I decided to contact them to see what was available.

How was your experience with Project Displaced?

It was great. David was really good – he helped put things in perspective, and built up my confidence. I hadn’t found anything after two months, and he said I wasn’t doing badly considering it was only two months, and that it sounded like I knew what I was doing.

He recommended a number of Project Displaced courses that could potentially help me – the skills session, as well as resume and cover letter writing. He was a very kind and personable person to deal with. Heidi, who helped me with my resume, was great too.

All the people I spoke to were very compassionate and concerned, and I had their attention 100%. They were completely focused on helping me.

What was the biggest benefit in using this service?

It was the fact that I could seek advice from HR and recruitment specialists with all their experience and expertise. When you’re applying for a job, you don’t necessarily know what you’re doing – what will make you stand out from other applicants and help you get the job.

I hadn’t looked for a job for six years and things have changed radically in that time. From applying for jobs, addressing the requirements, and knowing how to promote the skills you have that are transferrable – it’s very demanding, and if you don’t know what you’re doing, it makes it even harder.

Having Project Displaced on my side to work through these issues made everything so much easier.

Did you find a job?

I certainly did – I’m working for an osteopath as a Receptionist/Administration Assistant. My skills and knowledge of customer service and procedures were transferable. So I just have to learn new processes, and understand how my new employer likes to approach their business.

Would you recommend Project Displaced?

Most definitely. It’s difficult to know where to go to get guidance. But at Project Displaced, they’re professional people. I met a recruiter who knows what other recruiters are looking for. So any information you can gather from professionals can only work to your advantage.

I think it’s great that these people are volunteering their time to help other people – it’s good to give back and that’s what they’re definitely doing.

To book your own free session and get help from one of our coaches to help you on your own journey click here

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