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You're Sitting in a Pot of Gold

By Elena Tuktarov, Project Displaced Contributing Columnist


Tell me if this sounds familiar:

“Hmm, I really want this job, but to get it I need a formal education first.”

You work really hard, putting the best effort to complete it fast with good marks. And one day, here you are – nice and shiny certificate in your hands. But are you celebrating your achievement? 

No, because your ultimate goal was to get that job, so you are saying, “Ok, I will celebrate but only when I am on the role”.

You start a job hunt, long and challenging, you put your best effort to brush and polish all your skills, resume, you talk to recruiters, and here you are – your first day at the new role.

But are you praising yourself for what you’ve done now? 

No, because the office is two hours away from your place, your role is not quite what you wanted, and the salary is below your waterline. So, you say “Ok, I will celebrate but only when I will find something closer, in a more respectable company with a bigger paycheck”.

And you start your job hunt – AGAIN.

You put in your best effort, you are on top of the situation, you are working well with your network, and here you are – the office is 45 minutes’ walk from your place, the team is fantastic, you are thriving in your role.

Do you now finally say “thank you” for how far you’ve gotten?

No, because you really want that promotion, and your brain is saying "nope, I'm not doing this anymore"

And you feel stuck. 

You tend to blame yourself for being unable to pick up your spear and fight again; you cannot produce any creative solutions at work, you feel drained… Everything seems so grey and grim. 

I am sure everyone has been in this situation at least once in a lifetime. But what if I tell you that the power to move on, the power to rebuild your energy, the power to progress, the key to your future success and achievements lays within you right here, right now?

What if I tell you that you sit in the pot full of gold and the only thing you need to do is stretch your hand and grab a handful of great stuff? 

When we thank yourselves for our previous achievements, our brain, our body, our mind is receiving this amazing and ever-invigorating boost of confidence, the sparkling cocktail of endorphins that helps you to stand up, wiggle your shoulders and say, “I can move mountains, I can move this one too!” 

Here is a task for you today:

Think about ten things (or more, go wild!) that you are really, deeply, heartfelt grateful to yourself that you have done in your life. They don’t have to be work-related, but what they DO have to be, is you are extremely proud of them.

Only you know how hard they were for you to achieve, yet you did them. And – send a few champagne corks in the ceiling for all these things you have done, because they were extraordinary!

Celebrate, today! You owe yourself so much of these words of cheer and a few thousand “job-well-done” taps on the shoulder. 

Remember, if you praise yourself for nine things, and forget the tenth, the magic won’t work (it will, of course, I’m kidding!..)

And do that with all your heart, with your entire self being immersed into this bubbling bath of self-appreciation for the past achievements. You will wake up next morning exuding confidence, strength, energy, and your next mountain will be ‘just another one’. 

Good luck! You can do it!

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