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I got the job! Project Displaced showed me the secrets of recruitment

Joy Rainier* had been looking for a job – and a process that had once seemed very easy – now seemed insurmountable. She explains how her Project Displaced consultants helped her find her way.

What was your situation, Joy?

When COVID hit, I could see my industry was being affected. Jobs were becoming scarce, so I started to search for a new role that would allow me to make a large difference in people’s lives. It was the next step in my career.

I sent out a lot of resumes – but they weren’t even being looked at. I was getting rejections even though I was qualified, and had no idea why. When I finally did get a couple of interviews, I didn’t get the jobs. It was all very surprising.

You were referred to Project Displaced. What services did you use, and how helpful were your consultants?

I used a few services – the LinkedIn session, interviewing, and skills.

Heidi was absolutely brilliant, she went overtime to help me. She told me to get my resume spick and span, and then make an appointment for help with LinkedIn. She changed a lot of my LinkedIn content, and gave me a lot of tips. For example, recruiters look for certain words, and since I’ve made those changes, about 400 people have looked at my LinkedIn profile. I had Brett for interviewing skills – he was phenomenal.

So your LinkedIn profile improved significantly, which is great! What’s another example of how a Project Displaced consultant helped you?

In my interviewing skills session, Brett said interviewers asked for examples, like how I’d managed a situation. He told me I had to have a problem, a solution, and a result. So - find the problem, for example conflict, how I addressed it, and what the outcome was.

They worked through scenarios with me so I could get some practice in.

They also told me I had to really prepare. When I had the interview, that’s exactly what happened. The interviewing style is called behaviour techniques – who knows that??

The interviewing process has totally changed, and if you don’t know it, you won’t get a job.

In fact, the whole recruitment process has changed. The first thing I changed was my resume. I’ve been using this resume for years (I’m 47) and now people don’t read it, I had to cut out about 70% of what was in my resume. It was a big process .

For people over 40, it’s not like it’s used to be. This is what Project Displaced does. I was totally and utterly coached about interviews, and would never have gotten that job without the consultants. Everyone was absolutely brilliant. I got a job within a couple of weeks, in fact.

What’s one thing you’d like other people to know, especially if they’re considering using the service?

If you are battling to find work or making the next step in your career, follow the steps I took and use the Project Displaced service. It will change your life. The consultants are the best of the best and such a high quality. You’re not getting just anyone – you’re getting the Head of HR, for example, and other senior specialists. Everyone was so professional and so caring.

The minute I followed the advice of the consultants, I got a job. It was absolutely brilliant.

* Name has been changed for privacy reasons

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