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Project Displaced is a free job search and support service for people who have been impacted by the current crisis or who are struggling to enter the job market.

​We offer free one-on-one career coaching 7 days a week and free online Seminars to help you with your job search.

All our services are delivered by a team of qualified professional career coaches, recruiters and psychologists who volunteer their time and expertise to help you get back on your feet.


1 on 1 Coaching

We offer free one-on-one virtual coaching to help you with your job search.

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Mind Coaching

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Online Seminars

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Career Advice

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Excellent Support

"Celeste was amazing!!! Not only offering professional advice regarding update of Resume and interview techniques but also achieving a very personal touch. Her approach made me feel at ease and no question was left unanswered. I recommend this service to anyone who has been affected with Job loss during this unusual time of COVID19"

Bernadette McKinnon, Melbourne

Excellent Perspective

"Kate really helped me to look at my resume through the eyes of a prospective employer, and gave me excellent tips and ideas on how to re-frame my resume to be more specific to the role for which I am applying. She also made me feel more relaxed and confident around some of my concerns regarding re-employment. I highly recommend - and thank - Kate, and Project Displaced."

Illana Den, Sydney

Fantastic & Supportive

"Kellie helped to surface some underlying passions and gently challenge my thinking and priority around them. I will be recommending Project Displaced to others who can benefit from the service."



Rebecca, Sydney

What a Great Opportunity!

"So grateful to Sharon for the discussion this morning and for giving me some clarity and guidance during this difficult period. Having advice from an outsider is wonderful as they see you with fresh eyes, professional eyes. What a wonderful human. Feeling so grateful.x"


Wayne Herring, Perth