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"This work I do in Project Displaced is one of the ways I can help people to create choice in their life, by giving them some skills in job searching and confidence in how they can use their skills in different areas and how they can use the tools that are out there like LinkedIn."

David Vincent


This is a 15 min interview with one of the coaches at Project Displaced Limited. David is also a Non Executive Director and shares with us a little bit about his background, what brought him to Project Displaced and what he hopes to achieve with the work he does at the organisation.


David combines 25 years’ experience as a senior leader both in Business and HR roles.  He is passionate about coaching people through all stages of their careers to realise their full potential. David brings a unique perspective to his consulting sessions and job seekers who meet with David appreciate the clear direction that he provides.


  • Learned a lot over the last 18 months about what it takes to be prepared, to be resilient (01:44)

  • I was very fortunate that throughout my career I had lots of career coaching and career support. I didnt realise I had that fortune at the time (02:31)

  • I phoned Ant and said, “Can I help?” (03:12)

  • Once a week we run a half hour webinar on different topics that helps more people at one time (04:09)

  • One of the key things that I am exploring is how do we let more people know that Project Displaced is here if they need us? ….  Some people are not connected on the internet all day that we assume everyone is (04:43)

  • Some of the biggest challenges jobseekers face today (06:05)

  • The shift in the job search process and job search language (07:18)

  • Another challenge I see is people who are not clear about what their job skills are and what they are good at (07:36)

  • COVID-19 has caused so many people to reevaluate their career (10:09)

  • I went through a Mental Health First Aid training so I could be of more use to people who are having challenges  due to employment insecurity etc (10:33)

  • Why do I do this work with Project Displaced…. The karma pool  (12:15)

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