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"There are a lot of people who have not put a resume together for 10, 20 years. They’ve never had to think about it since so it’s really about coming up with practical tips and tricks to support people to go and do this themselves."

Dana Sarkissian


This is a short interview with one of the coaches at Project Displaced Limited. Dana shares with us a little bit about her background, what brought her to Project Displaced and what she hopes to achieve with the work she does at the organisation.


Dana started her journey in recruitment with an agency over 20 years ago and has never lost the passion for matching people to jobs. Dana has been a part of the Project Displaced team since its creation and is one our most popular and sought after consultants. She brings a deep personal connection and level of understanding to all of her sessions that creates spark and confidence in the job seekers that she helps.


  • I started off in a recruitment agency and I’ve had a couple of career changes but always dealing with people and I’ve come full circle and back in a recruitment agency (01:32)

  • The initial shutdown we already experienced due to COVID-19…. A lot of recruiters lost their jobs at the time, I was working at 60% capacity so I reached out to Ant and said if you need some help, I would love to be involved (02:30)

  • The sessions I focus on are resume writing, interview preparation, LinkedIn (optimising their profile). They all link together as part of your job-hunting process (03:20)

  • A real common challenge is “I just don’t know where to start” and this is one of the sessions that we run (04:34)

  • It might be helping them to think about their skillset and come up with keywords that describe what it is that they do for work. A lot of people just haven’t had to sit back and think about those things (04:50)

  • Being a recruiter myself, I can share what we’re looking for when we see an application or when we have a candidate come through (05:07)

  • I get the biggest kick out of having someone have a successful interview or they have been building on their LinkedIn profile and somebody reached out to them  (05:50)

  • A lot of people don’t have the knowledge because they’ve not had to job-hunt but it is a changing beast. Being in social media is very important as part of your job search (06:27)

  • One or two tips to help a jobseeker with their job search effort: embrace all the tools that are out there to help you get your job. Don’t rely on just one. There are so many different ways to escalate your job hunt (08:30)

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