Learn 35 tricks to optimize your LinkedIn profile

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You Will Learn How To

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Invited to the TEDx stage twice, Rowena Morais is an editor, writer and coach who helps brands amplify reach and better connect with their customers through relevant and engaging content. Over the last decade, she has been helping professionals refine their LinkedIn profiles and digital presence. The Programme Director at Vertical Distinct, a media and learning organisation, she supports HR and Tech professionals through digital resources and internationally accredited programmes delivered across APAC.


Talk about what they will learn from this ebook


Talk about what they will learn from this ebook


Talk about what they will learn from this ebook

"Rowena is a brilliant social influencer. Not only she helps people with the latest and relevant curated content but also goes an extra mile to ensure that they understand and leverage the learnings."

Dr (Maj) Rupinder Kaur
Assistant Director - EY | Learning Innovation | Leadership Development | Organisational Culture

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