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"I love to hear people’s stories, work out how I can help them. Everybody needs support and no one makes it on their own. That’s what gets me up every day."

Jo Morrison


This is a short interview with one of the coaches at Project Displaced Limited. Jo talks about her career and background, what brought her to Project Displaced and what she hopes to achieve here. 


Jo is a Corporate Innovation Coach and Director of Entrepreneurship. This has led her to use her innovation skills to help people apply this exciting way of thinking to their careers. Jo is one of our most popular coaches and her clients always walk away feeling more confident, energised and ready to take on new challenges.


  • Background working with start-up businesses as a corporate innovation coach supporting businesses to come up with new, innovative ideas so that their revenue streams stay relevant into the future (01:14)

  • In amongst all of this, I was leading teams and my first love is working with people. Love to hear their stories and work out how I can help them  (01:44)

  • Run a private coaching business for two and a half years now. When my business was in its very early stages, something that resonated with me very strongly is that when you give back, you will always get far more than you anticipated in return (02:24)

  • I felt really strongly that helping people move their careers forward, build their confidence were all things that I could do and could provide that support. I was really excited to get involved (03:14)

  • What an amazing service that Ant’s set up here (03:46)

  • Something I feel really strongly about is the mindset piece - what jobseekers can do to look after themselves during this process of finding a new role (04:20)

  • Some of the biggest challenges jobseekers may be facing today: when they have had their confidence knocked, they didn’t see this coming. Maybe, they’ve been in the same job for a really long time or the same industry and weren’t necessarily expecting to look for another job at this point. They have so many things to do and update: their resume, LinkedIn, revisit how to apply for a role since the process or system may have changed significantly since the last time they applied… (06:00)

  • Zoom interview skills are a skill unto themselves (06:23)

  • Helping them find a path forward so they do not feel overwhelmed (06:30)

  • A strong sense of wanting to give back and pay it forward (07:09)

  • I talk a lot about putting the right systems in place to sit outside your job search to support you (08:35)

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