Project Displaced is Australia’s first free job support service that helps hundreds of people across Australia re-gain their confidence, re-set their mindset, and build the skills they need to re-enter the workforce.


We are a not-for-profit, independent and non-denominational organisation run entirely by volunteers.  We have more than 45 qualified career coaches, recruiters, life coaches and psychologists who work 7 days a week - giving up paid clients to help people in need.


However we do have some operating costs.  It costs us $20 per hour of free one-on-one coaching or free group classes.  


So we’re putting up some of our own much-loved memorabilia from our travels to help fund us through the next few months.  Consider it our Christmas Sale!


Most of the goods are new and unopened.  Some may have been opened but not used.  Whatever the case, whatever you buy, you know that in doing so you’re helping us to help those in need.


The fine print:  postage is extra!  We’ll quote you the postage when we know where you are.  There’s no postage if you pick goods up in person from Sydney CBD, or if you’re not too far away we’ll even deliver it to you for free.  There are no returns!  There is no warranty on any of these goods.


You’re more than welcome to bid a price in excess of the listed price if you want to donate to help us keep going.